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“My experience with Louisa was absolutely mind blowing, (in a good way). On my first session I knew straight away she was a warm, loving, caring person, she made me feel so welcome in her beautiful home. We sat down with a coffee and I went on to explain all about my life and my problem with constant weight fluctuation. I would loose weight for an event and then when the event was over I would put it all straight back on as I believed I could now eat whatever I wanted! This then obviously resulted in all the weight piling back on and more! I needed this to stop forever.

Louisa had a good chat with me, made lots of notes on my life, she then spent the next week putting my hypnosis session together.

When I returned the following week  Louisa  made sure I was comfortable, put my feet up and put a blanket over me to make me feel warm and safe. Once she had got me into a deep hypnosis I knew I was in secure hands and she would look after me, ( I felt like I was completely relaxed and free to talk openly!) I went through all the events of my life which resulted in a lot of tears, anger and frustration coming out, it was a mega relief to get it out,  Louisa  helped me get rid of it for good. I now see how I was holding myself back . I know I am not going to carry that around with me anymore! The session was roughly two hours long and there wasn’t an area of my weight issue that  Louisa  didn’t help me see, and help me change. Once  Louisa  brought me slowly out of the hypnosis we then had a little chat about how I felt which to be quite frank – I felt the best I had done in years. I know I’m on a journey to getting to my ideal permanent weight and size and I will be there forever. I have come off the Cambridge diet, gone onto a wholefood balanced diet and I lost 6Ibs in the first week and I’ve already achieved half of my weight loss goal from 12 stone 7 to 9 stone 7 in a few months on a whole food, balanced diet!

Louisa  has sent me an audio to listen to everyday which is so uplifting and makes me think – I’m doing this for good. I honestly can’t thank  Louisa  enough and it’s been one of the best experiences of my life for life. I honestly can’t thank her enough and I cannot wait to show you all the results. My relationships have improved over the last weeks since the treatment. I don’t think about food all the time now. I feel much more powerful in the gym, I have more energy and lots more confidence. I have empowered myself with some family members that have held me back.

I forever owe you  Louisa, thank you. 

Sarah, 47.

I decided to seek help with some issues I had that were affecting my ability to feel happy or function properly in everyday life. Feelings of intense anxiety and anger I’d held on to following the death of my Father 10 years ago were still sitting heavy in my chest.
I am so glad I found Louisa! From the moment we first spoke, she was always compassionate and understanding and I knew instantly she would be able to help me.
Louisa’s tone of voice is beautiful, always calm and reassuring. I felt totally relaxed and safe at all times and completely trusted her with my emotions as I so desperately wanted to be healed.
I only needed one session which was calm, professional and very relaxed. I got a bit emotional as we addressed the negative emotions that had affected my life for so long but Louisa had already reassured me this was part of the healing process, I felt able to just let it all out!
Afterwards I felt so light hearted, the heavy weight in my chest had completely gone, I had such a feeling of relief and freedom!
I was a little bit tired for the rest of the day Louisa had already explained I would. She has helped me to finally face up to those controlling, negative emotions and to let them go once and for all. Louisa has completely changed my life for the better! I cannot believe I suffered for so long.
Louisa supported me afterwards by providing me with a bespoke recording of affirmations for ongoing support which I found so helpful.
I highly recommend Louisa, whatever your issue is, she will be able to help you. We all deserve to live our best life, Louisa will free you, allowing you to live yours!


“I had a fantastic RTT session with  Louisa for a longstanding fear of public speaking. I felt immediately comfortable and at ease with her and felt straight away that this was someone I could completely trust.  Louisa is clearly passionate about her work as a therapist and I found her incredibly warm, kind and very intuitive. She is highly professional and obviously genuinely loves helping other people; it really shone through during the session. After our session I felt immediately that the problem I had gone to her for, had shifted. I literally felt instantly amazing and extremely positive and as though I wanted to go straight out and book some occasions where I would be in the position of having to speak in public; something that has been a real issue for me for over 30 years!  I have presented a number of talks now with ease and confidence, it’s been amazing. The transformation has been beyond what I could ever have expected. I highly recommend this incredibly caring, compassionate and professional therapist”.



Louisa put me at ease straight away with her calm, caring approach. I felt totally relaxed as she confidently guided me through the session. She helped me uncover my old beliefs and realise that I no longer needed to be held back by them. The wonderful recording that she gave me is installing a new confidence in myself to achieve a successful future. Thank you  Louisa.”


“I had an RTT session with  Louisa on improving self confidence and have been amazed with the results. I needed more inner belief, I needed to feel strong in myself. I have felt trapped and eager to move away from a job that hasn’t valued me enough, I have been there for eleven years. I never felt I could take the step to leave due to family commitments.

After the session with  Louisa I feel it gave me a lot more confidence and belief in myself to leave my employment to pursue something that I am passionate about and I have no regrets. I had the confidence to discuss it with my husband who has backed me all the way, he has seen a change in me.

I have found myself facing meetings at work head on that I would have avoided before. I have attended meetings on behalf of my family, that I wouldn’t have felt I could do before.

I have found this new confidence so helpful with my kids too.

Thank you so much  Louisa the session has given me the belief in myself and confidence to take the leap that I would never have considered doing in the past, I am progressing well and more good things are happening, which has truly transformed my life. Xxxxx”


“I am so grateful for my recent RTT session with  Louisa. She is a real gem. Her calm and gentle manner quickly put me at ease and built trust.

For many years I had been troubled with insomnia and sleep issues that had been affecting my work, my energy and also increasingly my health. After just one session I am sleeping so much better. And if on the rare occasion I am disturbed and wake at night I now have her personalised recording to listen to and simply drift right back to sleep. The transformation has been amazing. Thank you  Louisa.”

Val, 51.

I’ve had a phobia about spiders for as long as I can remember the idea of even seeing one was enough to paralyse me I was restricted to where I would go ie garages/sheds it, my own bedroom. It had controlled my life forever until I had a session of RTT with Louisa.
I’ve know Louisa for some years now and she has had her own healing journey since she discovered RTT and it has changed her life so I was very excited to book in for my session….since my session my fears and anxiety of spiders have been lifted I have encountered a couple of spiders since and I am now calm and collective around them….no more sitting in the dark during spider season! No need to ask neighbours to help. I’m no longer looking for them all the time and the anxiety I felt has gone! The total transformation took about 4-6 weeks and I’ve seen a big spider now and I was able to deal with it calmly myself. It’s been so freeing.
I can’t recommend Louisa enough the whole experience was amazing x


Alex, 43.

I was searching for a therapist to help clear emotional blockages for some time.
Researching RTT therapy I felt this might work for me. After finding the long list of therapists available I came across Louisa Hope.
We chatted on the phone and I felt very at ease with her. She has a soft nature and understanding which allowed me to open up which I have always found hard.
Going back to old memories and re-living was tough but her guidance throughout enabled me to go there fully.
Since I have been listening to the recording she made for me first thing in the morning and last thing at night, I have noticed big changes happening within myself.
I came to Louisa with a lack of abundance, after the session I had work emails come in offering me work!
Even though I had instant changes happen I am prepared to do the work to keep them coming in.

Alexander Beer



Victoria, 25.

I had a terrible fear of flying. From being a kid I was always scared of getting on a plane, the thought of getting on a plane was terrifying and the anxiety of actually packing a suitcase and going to an airport would turn my stomach into knots, I would be shaking with fear. Weeks before I’d be constantly asking my family and friends will the flight be okay and I was constantly googling the weather to check if it was windy or if there was a storm coming. It was just a very scary time for me. Even though I was so excited to go away on my holidays and spend time with my friends or family it would always manage to get in the way. From the moment about to board the plane I would start shaking and freaking out until we sat down on the plane and fasten my seatbelt as tight as I could And prepare for takeoff. Taking off always freaked me out . I was fine once I was up in the air but then the moment turbulence kicked was absolutely terrified. I couldn’t wait to land and I would pray to help me feel better for hours on end until the plane hit the ground again. If turbulence did occur I used to cry, holding on to somebody so tightly, it was so humiliating! I would look round at everybody else and see they were fine and they were handling it and I always wished I could be the same.

It wasn’t untilI I met Louisa and explained this terrible fear of flying and anxiety I would get. I thought I’d have this fear forever. Louisa is such an incredible and lovely person who has so much understanding and consideration to all your feelings she really helped me get through this I could never thank her enough from releasing me of this fear. I’m very proud to say I can now fly with no hesitations. Just sheer excitement to go on my holidays. She really broke down the wall for me that I never thought I could ever break.

I recently went on a snowboarding holiday where I had to go on cable carts and Skilifts. The Ski lift was 30 foot up in the air, I couldn’t believe I was able to do this! It felt amazing! And the cable cart went right up the side of the mountain, again I was in such shock that I could actually do this! My flights there and back were totally calm and I was completely at ease. 

The Methods she used in our session were so helpful, so resourceful that I still listen to her recording. She also gave me some paperwork as well to look over which was really enlightened. I would highly recommend for anybody who feels the same way as what I did to please not live with this fear, don’t just accept it do something about it and Louisa is the one to help you with this!

I have to say at first I did have reservations about being hypnotised but when she explained what it consisted of I knew it was going to work. I have tried everything, every remedy . I would have a drink in the airport to help clam my nerves even try diazepam prescribed from the doctors but nothing would help me with this, it was too strong and I found all these remedies just masked the actual phobia itself and Louisa unmasked this and made me see clearly what actually caused this fear.

All my family and friends can see such a difference in me even day to day. Everybody can’t believe the difference but I can feel within myself the difference I will always be grateful to Louisa.

To summarise Louisa She made my dreams come true! She gave me freedom I always longed for! No one Should ever feel like that I can I highly recommend Louisa. She set me free!


Susan, 49.

Finally I am dropping weight! I approached Louisa to get help with this issue. I have tried diets, went vegan, exercised like a maniac but I would only drop weight to a certain point. And every time it came back! I had one session with Louisa and my relationship with food changed completely! Before I used to think about food all day long. After the session this stopped immediately. I don´t have to finish the food on my plate anymore. I don´t have to have a second helping. And I don´t overeat anymore. I realise when I´m full and I just can´t get myself to eat another bite. It is like she turned on the switch that she actually installed in my subconscious mind. I feel the urge to have vegetable smoothies for breakfast and I don´t mind it at all! And I´m shedding weight. Feeling indifferent to sweets, but not feeling guilty when I do eat some. I don´t have the words to describe how free and empowered Louisa made me feel with just this one session. I highly recommend working with Louisa. I know this was not my last session with her!


Nicola, 34.

My session with Louisa was transformative, I felt reassured and calm from the very beginning, and got so much out it. It has made such a difference to managing anxiety and building self-confidence. Louisa really helped me address some issues, and has also taken away tension so the headaches and migraines I had regularly have eased so much. I have felt I’ve been able to cope with so much more and I’ve also lost some weight its wonderful!



I went to Louisa with a number of problems- anxiety, reduced confidence, problems with communication in my marriage / friendships and post natal depression. Louisa has been amazing. I had an initial telephone consultation which even after this I felt some relief. I had 2 sessions – both lengthy and emotionally challenging but left me feeling calmer and like a huge weight had been lifted off my shoulders. The communication has been exceptional throughout the whole process….follow up phone calls, messages and emails making everything very smooth and easy.
I now feel much calmer, I’m sleeping better, I feel I can express myself clearer and the communication in my marriage is so much better. I’m gradually feeling more confident and although I feel I have some work to do , the RTT with Louisa has been the best thing I’ve done to help myself overcome all the issues I’ve been having. I would highly recommend to anyone. Thank you Louisa xx 

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